Snow coming again to “Our South Town”….

Well the weather outside will be changing the South is due for some snow again! I love it even with it being just a little bit or a few flurries, the excitement and beauty of the white stuff falling bring a smile to my face and all’s right in my world…. Checking out the weather websites again and all three seems to be on target but there is also to check also its better in my opinion on tv but for those of us online its easy to find and straight to the point. I still prefer since they are the best and most accurate, (see previous posts) but as long as we are able to keep on top of things and be aware of whats happening that’s what is most important.   So remember check out these weather sites and find the one that works best for you….. Enjoy the Snow….


How Blackboard really works…..

Black boards most schools know it as the black board that the teachers write on with chalk. But in a lot of college courses there are now online/distance learning education courses available, on what is called the blackboard so if you are like me, can’t drive ( I am legally blind or you just think that is a neat way to learn then you will become a part of the college’s Blackboard. The classes most of the time work pretty well, has assignments, lectures, videos, contact information, discussion boards and email to keep in contact with your teacher, I been taking them online for quite a while now and for the most part I been pretty content. Usually a problem occurs such as assignments don’t submit correctly or a quiz doesn’t accept the answer you submit but for the most part Blackboard is a great way to continue your education especially in our busy lives today. So if you are thinking about continuing or getting your college degree, check out distance learning online at the college of your choice. It will be an awesome start to a new life in learning… 

The Ins and Outs of learning how to Create a Web page…..

In my class this week I have been stressing on trying to understand all the commands necessary for doing my assignments (creating a web page) and boy I found out there is a lot more to it than I ever thought!! I read the chapters, looked it up, emailed my teacher, got on the discussion board that been set up. All of this has been a help to my clueless brain” I mean I can find anything on the internet, anything in a book, I did work in a library for 27 years so something sunk in! but trying to grasp all the Ins and Outs; and where the heck they go, well not an easy task. So all you website creators all over, I salute you, not a job I want! but hey someone got to keep us internet crazy people sane and I found just the website that will definitely help in clearing up the brain fog ! It has a great index of terms or commands or even symbols to search for and where they go and how they work, everything is very clear and straight to the point even for me, hopefully the knowledge there will help me in my class. Check it out for you will be amazed at what goes into making your favorite website SHINE!!!

The World of Poetry…..Writers and Poetry Alliance…..

I love poetry… I love the flow of it…putting the words together making it sing! I been doing it for well feels like all my life. I wrote my “first book” on Christmas eve in 1971 I think. I wanted to get it published so my mom “the great encourager”she was turned it into a lesson and showed me how to look up publishing in our phonebook, well of course no one was opened on Christmas eve (she knew that) but didn’t disappoint . Years later I still have that little book of prayers,ten commandments, poems and I remember and now have written thousands of poems, published some in books and found an awesome website for members only that my friend Dena introduced me too that gives me the outlet of writing and submitting poetry and people all over the world on this site read comment and enjoy my poems as I do theirs. wonderful place to escape to and I even had my poems published in several of the publishers books and hope for my own book one day.  It has definitely been a awesome outlet for me and I appreciate being a member and enjoying all the other so talented poets/writers… Another gem to have in our midst. Thanks Pat….

Understanding the world of “Zip drives” WHO to ASK….

     I have entered the unknown land of ZIP DRIVES an area on the computer I am not familiar with so after reading the assigned chapter, watch the youtube video Mr. F. did I felt like I needed more help in understanding this concept so where do I go… is one of my favorite sites to use when I don’t know the answer or need more understanding this one and are first one just to get an idea of what it all about. Neither one of these two websites are ones that professors prefer but they are ok for the basic first introduction to the subject matter. Easy to use just type in your question on and it will take you to serveral choices of answers. On Wikipedia it goes right to the page and gives a general guide to what it is about. Both of these together really help in understanding the subject and eventually get you what you need to finish the assignment. If not you can always ask the teacher. I hate sounding stupid when I ask a question that one may figure everyone should know but I have learned through my years at the library. There are NO stupid questions, so best deal is to ASK whether it be a website like or or your teacher or anyone. Better to learn and know than not…check them out you will be surprised at what you can learn and know…..

Finally Its Here, Snow… and a new way of learning, YouTube…

As I waiting patiently for the snow to arrive which it did this evening soo beautiful falling out of our southern sky:) I decided I really needed to do some more productive work in my class Web 110 LN1 and stop wasting time. I am trying to understand zip files, what they are and how we use them. Interesting theory but I not really getting it with our reading. So Mr. F. put videos on our blackboard to watch in the hopes of us to better understand the concepts. They are really good. He did it on which allows really anyone to make a video, post it and watch it. There are a lot of them out there on everything. My 13 year old daughter loves them. A couple of Christmases ago we were trying to put our Christmas tree lights and tree together but was not having much luck so came to our rescue with a video she watched and wow it was done. So now whenever I don’t know how to do something I have the option of looking up  an youtube on it. A lot of times it is just the tip needed to understand a concept or to get through an assignment, whatever it is it does work. Check it out. With the click of your finger the answer is right there.

What to do while waiting on the SNOW……

Well the South is still waiting on the expected snow to fall, so what do you do while waiting for this wonderful event to happen. You can immerse yourself in classwork understanding zipdrives which I not sure about or you can explore the internet weather sites which I have truly done (see previous posts) or you can go do genealogy on the website I like Http:// an awesome website for all genealogists. It has everything, census, immigration records, voting ,birth and death records its all there and pretty easy to find. I love it but only bad thing is it does have a fee to join. You can go on free for three months then pay to continue for another 3 months or you can pay for a year. Its worth it. especially in my case where I am unable to drive and go to the courthouses that have these records. I have founds 13 generations of a family on this awesome site. You just keep clicking back on each of the census records. Its amazing to me how much can be found when searching for one family. You will end of surprised. But the deal to remember is that family names may have changed. Ancestry is aware of all these holes and keeps you in the loop with what might be a link to a family member. You can make your own family tree and they add leaves to it as a new clue which may or may not be a part of your tree. Its a never ending puzzle and with the success of the website and the tv show Who do you think you are, many people are seeking out these clues which is such a part of who we are.. So check out it may have who you are looking for…. even on a snowy day….

Who is the Best Weather Website….

Snow, Snow, Snow the South is getting Snow! That is at least what the Weather channels on tv and on the web are telling us. Since this is a rare appearance for us southerners. I been checking out the weather websites as I always done as well as the news channels. Everyone has their own answer. Soo who is the best one as for websites that can give us a forecast. I go with and and also All three are awesome website for all weather-related details. I like for its user friendly look and I have it as an icon on my desktop, it also flashes alerts so I am always kept on top of any new developments. really cool. just type in your location, install and its free so that’s always a plus. The is another choice its more technology and not in my opinion as user friendly from all I can tell they charge to install it but its still a good one but I prefer it on tv. is the big official one to go to, it has everything relating to weather. It can be downloaded but I haven’t done it yet. A friend of my brags about it so today we compared them meaning the and my favorite and for most part they deliver the same forecast only shy ten degrees such as 60 percent at one point on and 70 percent on The weather channel was at the 70 percent range. but they were stating more icy conditions than snowy where the other two were stating more snowy. I like weatherbug as I said for its friendly look but for its accurate reports comes in as my best choices but I would also still find myself looking at the weather channel on tv. But at least I am covering all areas which is bound to give me the best of the best in results. I also notice that the weather channel is the only one that gave this winter storm a name Leon which I tend to wonder when did we start naming the Winter Storms? Humm maybe one I should look up… Well everyone stay safe and warm…enjoy the snow….and keep yourself posted to your favorite weather website…..