Well I started this blog as an requirement for a class WEB 110 but I have found it to be a helpful source and now that I don’t ha ve to always list a website I can well write about anything I guess…hummm interesting thought but what do I  I really have to talk about that might interest someone I don’t think I had alot of responders except for the Humane society which I greatly support. Since this blog began I did finish the class with a C due to my lack of knowing zip files they still confuse me. I not taking any summer classes will start back in fall, Simba the kitty we adopted form our local shelter is now very much at home and little bigger and doing well. the legal system has not improved for me and basically failed me again. I am done with lawyers and just tyring to get his name off the house and refinancing not happy with legal system in NC but life goes on. I am writing more poetry and supporting a new soon to be charity book for our cause for Paws  which I hoping will be through Petsmart charities all proceeds will go to them. at lulu.com doing the book, genealogy is still a big deal to me and still enjoying it. no snow around now that summer almost here that dreaded season of heat but all in all life is good. I figure I get back on again and post my vents maybe it will make some interesting reading. take care until then:)