I  know its been a while since I been on, had alot on the plate lately, like well I had to celebrate my 50th birthday and finally visit Historic Stagville Plantation in Durham, NC such an awesome place…. and there is always classwork and genealogy. I love the hunt of it, finally finding that one ancester you been searching for is an great high!! Beside http://www.ancestry.com  I wrote about it in a previous blog. Another awesome site is the Register of Deeds in your local town or the area you are searching in. They have everyting from births,deaths, deeds wills etc. http://www.registerofdeeds.org as said go to your local courthouse or county website its all right there where you can search…. the tax office is another good place to search because it will give address etc and even other family memebers. But bear in mind they only go back so far on those records. Register of deeds goes back much further and is also linked with local genealogy groups. So check these places out and visit a whole new world in your quest for Family History….