Since getting divorced finally 2 years ago after waiting 3 years I have come to the conclusion that the NC Legal System sucks whether it be the lawyers or the system in general I not sure but no one should really have to wait 5 years to have everything completed for a divorce. Its crazy. oh you can go to the Law Bar people and complain but in my opinion the people there are not very nice its like you are bothering them. Not getting the answers you need or the help you are asking for is not a good deal in my book.

So how do you get anything done? Good question. I haven’t really found the answer other than email your lawyer alot and check the courthouse to see if anything has been submitted. Otherwise you are in for a long waiting game and paying money you don’t have. Forget contacting a judge or the one in charge they never answer people just don’t return phone calls like they should or feel your time is just as important as theirs. So make sure fully when you get married that you are in it for life, because divorce is not an easy path to go and even though my ex spouse was the one at fault, don’t trust nothing he or anyone in the legal system says because their 2 days may turn into 2 years…. Take nothing for chance.