Well cell phones are definitely a part of my life, I really not sure how or when it happened but now I can’t imagine not having them… I think it started with having to keep up with my now 14 year old daughter and her life but somehow it sweep up my life too and well now my cell phone is usually near by LOL  A Mom of a Teen and then some. I recently changed from t-mobile to Net10 for both of us. My daughter had net10 already and I was pleased with them http://www.net10.com so I decided to changed phones too. We both went to LGAndroid phones with Net 10, hers with a keyboard mine without (touchscreen one) and gosh what a difference this new phone is compared to my old!  Yes androd is the way to go, I can check both emails, text ,talk and search the web! The cost is cheaper than my old t-mobile. I used to have to pay for calls now I don’t, Love it and using its apps are awesome. I now have my pictures and contacts from my old phone and can even email or text pics to anyone!  I discover bluetooth services Amazing. So far I not even had it a month and well check out Net10 and I pay once a month same as before. I still playing with it and learning more ways to use it just need to get a case which aren’t easy to find but looking online will help. So remember Net10 and find your next perfect and cheaper phone and service oh yeah its no contract too which is another plus.:)