I am not a Facebook fan for all you Facebook lovers I am sorry but its too much drama in my book. This social media so they call it should be called The Drama queen of them all. http://www.facebook.com well its not one I like or would really find it necessary in my life. So many do this being everything from people to business to even well everywhere you can find the slogan “Find Us On Facebook” I know its suppose to keep everyone in touch and connect us so to speak but don’t we do that enough when text or whats wrong with picking up the phone?? My experences with Facebook well not been too good. Cheating husband, lies and people just telling and showing all their junk on there, they just as well put a full page ad in the newspaper like oh yeah just in case you don’t know here’s all my news and anything else! gosh Our church has a FB page which has helped others find us but otherwise I just think its a tell all drama place. Now my almost 14 year old has one No I didn’t want her to she did it on her own and then ending up with drama and losing some rights now my opinion its a pain in the butt with her so she will probadly lose at some point she likes the social of it and playing games but the drama I can do without. Parents be careful of your kids on there its not safe after all people can be anyone they want to be on there!! Not good so you have to keep a very careful watch check it more than normal and question anyone that doesn’t seem quite right. 15 yr olds could really easy be a 51 year old man!! Make sure its on a friends only deal and strict filtering because there is just too much out there to endanger their lives. I don’t want to take that chance you shouldn’t either…. BE SAFE….