Its been a few days since I have been on due to my computer crashing, ugh  such a mess but most everything is working now. I say most becasue there are still some things that are still not doing correctly soo where does one go to get help on these unwanted issues. I have friends who are geniuses at this computer tech stuff so I go to them or I try the HELP on say my email at http://www.yahoo.com  where I am trying to get my email to work as before so when I am composing an email I can put in the address box a C and it will show me all my C email friends instead of typing the email address in everytime which is truly a pain. But so far not gettting the help I am seeking. You really have to work at even getting a question answered. Even on this blog web site http://www.wordpress.com it wasn’t easy getting my questions answered when I found out that I did not have any of my menu information to even post a blog. Well I got busy with other stuff and just now got on and WOW its all there so Thanks WordPress you came through after all. I really feel website should be better about their HELP SECTION I meant they are there to help no matter what the problem you are having is but somehow they make it more difficult and you end up feeling fustrated. I also wish they would do more step by step instructions that way you can follow the steps and your done. so I hope all you Website  Creators who read this and work toward making your followers life a little easier… by helping.