Well we lost another awesome actor to death but he will live on for us in the shows he left behind. I am a huge fan of The Waltons  which some may see as old fashioned and hokey but I feel we need more shows like this one and actors like Ralph Waite who died Feb. 13 at the age of 85. He was John Walton Sr. on the show and the father of seven children along with his wife Olivia and his father and mother, all lived in the Virginia mountains and is the story of real life Earl Hamner. INSP brings this show and others to us every day, ones too like Dr Quinn Medicine Woman, Madlock, and Little House on the praire. All these shows gives us the feeling of family and its importance years ago and still should be today http://www.insp.com brings all that and more to our lives. A tribute was made to Ralph Waite tonight and we know his life will be continued on in all we were honored to him to bring us in television and in Life.. RIP Ralph Waite.