In my class this week I have been stressing on trying to understand all the commands necessary for doing my assignments (creating a web page) and boy I found out there is a lot more to it than I ever thought!! I read the chapters, looked it up, emailed my teacher, got on the discussion board that been set up. All of this has been a help to my clueless brain” I mean I can find anything on the internet, anything in a book, I did work in a library for 27 years so something sunk in! but trying to grasp all the Ins and Outs; and where the heck they go, well not an easy task. So all you website creators all over, I salute you, not a job I want! but hey someone got to keep us internet crazy people sane and I found just the website that will definitely help in clearing up the brain fog ! It has a great index of terms or commands or even symbols to search for and where they go and how they work, everything is very clear and straight to the point even for me, hopefully the knowledge there will help me in my class. Check it out for you will be amazed at what goes into making your favorite website SHINE!!!