I love poetry… I love the flow of it…putting the words together making it sing! I been doing it for well feels like all my life. I wrote my “first book” on Christmas eve in 1971 I think. I wanted to get it published so my mom “the great encourager”she was turned it into a lesson and showed me how to look up publishing in our phonebook, well of course no one was opened on Christmas eve (she knew that) but didn’t disappoint . Years later I still have that little book of prayers,ten commandments, poems and I remember and now have written thousands of poems, published some in books and found an awesome website for members only that my friend Dena introduced me too that gives me the outlet of writing and submitting poetry and people all over the world on this site read comment and enjoy my poems as I do theirs. wonderful place to escape to and I even had my poems published in several of the publishers books and hope for my own book one day. http://poetryandpublishing.co.uk/index.html  It has definitely been a awesome outlet for me and I appreciate being a member and enjoying all the other so talented poets/writers… Another gem to have in our midst. Thanks Pat….