I have entered the unknown land of ZIP DRIVES an area on the computer I am not familiar with so after reading the assigned chapter, watch the youtube video Mr. F. did I felt like I needed more help in understanding this concept so where do I go… http://www.ask.com is one of my favorite sites to use when I don’t know the answer or need more understanding this one and http://www.wikipedia.com are first one just to get an idea of what it all about. Neither one of these two websites are ones that professors prefer but they are ok for the basic first introduction to the subject matter. Easy to use just type in your question on ask.com and it will take you to serveral choices of answers. On Wikipedia it goes right to the page and gives a general guide to what it is about. Both of these together really help in understanding the subject and eventually get you what you need to finish the assignment. If not you can always ask the teacher. I hate sounding stupid when I ask a question that one may figure everyone should know but I have learned through my years at the library. There are NO stupid questions, so best deal is to ASK whether it be a website like ask.com or Wikipedia.com or your teacher or anyone. Better to learn and know than not…check them out you will be surprised at what you can learn and know…..