As I waiting patiently for the snow to arrive which it did this evening soo beautiful falling out of our southern sky:) I decided I really needed to do some more productive work in my class Web 110 LN1 and stop wasting time. I am trying to understand zip files, what they are and how we use them. Interesting theory but I not really getting it with our reading. So Mr. F. put videos on our blackboard to watch in the hopes of us to better understand the concepts. They are really good. He did it on which allows really anyone to make a video, post it and watch it. There are a lot of them out there on everything. My 13 year old daughter loves them. A couple of Christmases ago we were trying to put our Christmas tree lights and tree together but was not having much luck so came to our rescue with a video she watched and wow it was done. So now whenever I don’t know how to do something I have the option of looking up  an youtube on it. A lot of times it is just the tip needed to understand a concept or to get through an assignment, whatever it is it does work. Check it out. With the click of your finger the answer is right there.