Well the South is still waiting on the expected snow to fall, so what do you do while waiting for this wonderful event to happen. You can immerse yourself in classwork understanding zipdrives which I not sure about or you can explore the internet weather sites which I have truly done (see previous posts) or you can go do genealogy on the website I like Http://www.ancestry.com an awesome website for all genealogists. It has everything, census, immigration records, voting ,birth and death records its all there and pretty easy to find. I love it but only bad thing is it does have a fee to join. You can go on free for three months then pay to continue for another 3 months or you can pay for a year. Its worth it. especially in my case where I am unable to drive and go to the courthouses that have these records. I have founds 13 generations of a family on this awesome site. You just keep clicking back on each of the census records. Its amazing to me how much can be found when searching for one family. You will end of surprised. But the deal to remember is that family names may have changed. Ancestry is aware of all these holes and keeps you in the loop with what might be a link to a family member. You can make your own family tree and they add leaves to it as a new clue which may or may not be a part of your tree. Its a never ending puzzle and with the success of the website and the tv show Who do you think you are, many people are seeking out these clues which is such a part of who we are.. So check out Ancestry.com it may have who you are looking for…. even on a snowy day….