Snow, Snow, Snow the South is getting Snow! That is at least what the Weather channels on tv and on the web are telling us. Since this is a rare appearance for us southerners. I been checking out the weather websites as I always done as well as the news channels. Everyone has their own answer. Soo who is the best one as for websites that can give us a forecast. I go with and and also All three are awesome website for all weather-related details. I like for its user friendly look and I have it as an icon on my desktop, it also flashes alerts so I am always kept on top of any new developments. really cool. just type in your location, install and its free so that’s always a plus. The is another choice its more technology and not in my opinion as user friendly from all I can tell they charge to install it but its still a good one but I prefer it on tv. is the big official one to go to, it has everything relating to weather. It can be downloaded but I haven’t done it yet. A friend of my brags about it so today we compared them meaning the and my favorite and for most part they deliver the same forecast only shy ten degrees such as 60 percent at one point on and 70 percent on The weather channel was at the 70 percent range. but they were stating more icy conditions than snowy where the other two were stating more snowy. I like weatherbug as I said for its friendly look but for its accurate reports comes in as my best choices but I would also still find myself looking at the weather channel on tv. But at least I am covering all areas which is bound to give me the best of the best in results. I also notice that the weather channel is the only one that gave this winter storm a name Leon which I tend to wonder when did we start naming the Winter Storms? Humm maybe one I should look up… Well everyone stay safe and warm…enjoy the snow….and keep yourself posted to your favorite weather website…..