In my reading for this class Web 110 we are talking about Search Engines you know those places you go to find all you are looking for on the Internet and its huge world. Well I had no idea there was sooo many of them. I tend to use  the most, my daughter brags on  I find Yahoo better well its user friendly, easy to get too. Has a lot to offer. I comment on their stories a lot and also I like the way it presents the news. I have my personal email through yahoo and well I can find anything through its sources. Comes up with a lot of hits now grant it you get a little bit of everything but that’s when you have to be picky and narrow down what you are seeking. I didn’t know till my reading that if you put “quotation marks” with the word it will give you information on the Exact Phrase not all the thes and ofs will be included, this helps in narrowing your search down and finding just what you need. As said I like but Google. com is good for its maps and finding places. You can even see a picture of the place such as my house on Google Maps and gives the directions everything you need if you are planning a trip. They have webcams all over the place and its really neat to seek out places. Kind of a see it before you get there deal. These two search engines have their pluses and minuses but its really a person’s own choice which one to go with but remember there are a lot of them so don’t get overwhelmed and I am sure you will find the right one for your Internet hunting. But in the end finding the information you need is the success of it all.