Another great website in my opinion, one I knew of for years but rediscover it last semester when taking a North Carolina history class online. its North Carolina Historic Sites is a group of 27 amazing places that opens the doors to the past and the lives of North Carolina where visiting these sites can show you a world of imagination stir your spirits and lift you up like no other places can. I have heard of all of these sites through my work at the library but one which I picked as my project last semester. Historic Stagville Plantation is the oldest plantation in North Carolina, located in Durham. It along with 26 more sites like Tryon Palace, the USS Battleship and the Thomas Wolfe Memorial opens our eyes to a world that is waiting for us to discover. I learned that Historic Stagville had over 900 slaves at one time and you can see their fingertips in the brick where they built their own houses! All this and more can be read about and discovered through the historic sites website. Visit the site, plan a trip and learn of all North Carolina has to offer. History is here all we have to do is look for it! Check out the North Carolina Historic Sites.

North Carolina Historic Sites is a division of the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources Office of Archives & History.