Ok if there is one thing I love doing more than well reading, it acquiring the books I love and doing it cheaply. Welcome to Amazon! Now that I no longer am employed by our local library and absolutely refused to go there due to how I was let go. I mean really 27 years there and budget cuts not fair but it hasn’t stopped my Love of books. So what if I am running out of space collecting them. No I don’t want a kindle. I enjoy the feel of a book “a real book” in my hands turning the pages embracing its worth. Amazon helps me do this! All I have to do is log on and just type in what I am wanting and Yah there it is! books by my favorite authors Janet Evanovich, Sue Grafton and lately Lisa Garner and Connie Shelton among others. Just look, put it in my cart I can buy it now or save it for later or when I have money to spare. I even bought a bed frame on Amazon. Seriously this is a great place to shop. You can find the cheapest price and the seller with a 99 rating and your done. so check it out (you get to keep it too!). Wonderful Place.