Is it the end my life as a blogger….

Well I started this blog as an requirement for a class WEB 110 but I have found it to be a helpful source and now that I don’t ha ve to always list a website I can well write about anything I guess…hummm interesting thought but what do I  I really have to talk about that might interest someone I don’t think I had alot of responders except for the Humane society which I greatly support. Since this blog began I did finish the class with a C due to my lack of knowing zip files they still confuse me. I not taking any summer classes will start back in fall, Simba the kitty we adopted form our local shelter is now very much at home and little bigger and doing well. the legal system has not improved for me and basically failed me again. I am done with lawyers and just tyring to get his name off the house and refinancing not happy with legal system in NC but life goes on. I am writing more poetry and supporting a new soon to be charity book for our cause for Paws  which I hoping will be through Petsmart charities all proceeds will go to them. at doing the book, genealogy is still a big deal to me and still enjoying it. no snow around now that summer almost here that dreaded season of heat but all in all life is good. I figure I get back on again and post my vents maybe it will make some interesting reading. take care until then:)


Genealogy..another good place to search is….. Register of Deeds…..

I  know its been a while since I been on, had alot on the plate lately, like well I had to celebrate my 50th birthday and finally visit Historic Stagville Plantation in Durham, NC such an awesome place…. and there is always classwork and genealogy. I love the hunt of it, finally finding that one ancester you been searching for is an great high!! Beside  I wrote about it in a previous blog. Another awesome site is the Register of Deeds in your local town or the area you are searching in. They have everyting from births,deaths, deeds wills etc. as said go to your local courthouse or county website its all right there where you can search…. the tax office is another good place to search because it will give address etc and even other family memebers. But bear in mind they only go back so far on those records. Register of deeds goes back much further and is also linked with local genealogy groups. So check these places out and visit a whole new world in your quest for Family History….

North Carolina Legal System….. “a Joke” ……

Since getting divorced finally 2 years ago after waiting 3 years I have come to the conclusion that the NC Legal System sucks whether it be the lawyers or the system in general I not sure but no one should really have to wait 5 years to have everything completed for a divorce. Its crazy. oh you can go to the Law Bar people and complain but in my opinion the people there are not very nice its like you are bothering them. Not getting the answers you need or the help you are asking for is not a good deal in my book.

So how do you get anything done? Good question. I haven’t really found the answer other than email your lawyer alot and check the courthouse to see if anything has been submitted. Otherwise you are in for a long waiting game and paying money you don’t have. Forget contacting a judge or the one in charge they never answer people just don’t return phone calls like they should or feel your time is just as important as theirs. So make sure fully when you get married that you are in it for life, because divorce is not an easy path to go and even though my ex spouse was the one at fault, don’t trust nothing he or anyone in the legal system says because their 2 days may turn into 2 years…. Take nothing for chance.

Cell Phones who to choose… 10 t- mobile…..who……

Well cell phones are definitely a part of my life, I really not sure how or when it happened but now I can’t imagine not having them… I think it started with having to keep up with my now 14 year old daughter and her life but somehow it sweep up my life too and well now my cell phone is usually near by LOL  A Mom of a Teen and then some. I recently changed from t-mobile to Net10 for both of us. My daughter had net10 already and I was pleased with them so I decided to changed phones too. We both went to LGAndroid phones with Net 10, hers with a keyboard mine without (touchscreen one) and gosh what a difference this new phone is compared to my old!  Yes androd is the way to go, I can check both emails, text ,talk and search the web! The cost is cheaper than my old t-mobile. I used to have to pay for calls now I don’t, Love it and using its apps are awesome. I now have my pictures and contacts from my old phone and can even email or text pics to anyone!  I discover bluetooth services Amazing. So far I not even had it a month and well check out Net10 and I pay once a month same as before. I still playing with it and learning more ways to use it just need to get a case which aren’t easy to find but looking online will help. So remember Net10 and find your next perfect and cheaper phone and service oh yeah its no contract too which is another plus.:)

Social Security and how it works…..


Well since I am about to turn 50 I decided to get on the Social Security Administration website and check out what I can expect in the coming years. offers quite a bit in showing you the benefits you either have or will have in the future. You can create “My Social Security” check out Retirement and even read tiblets on how to plan and save in the future. Really great site and very private. If you don’t get your password right it will kick you out after three tries. Good plus is security. The history of Social Security is interesting since it was started at a most depressing time, The Depression.

  The Social Security Administration (SSA) began life as the Social Security Board (SSB). The SSB was created at the moment President Roosevelt inked his signature on the Social Security Act (August 14, 1935 at 3:30 p.m.). It later revamped and started moreso in 1946


On 7/16/46 the SSB was renamed the Social Security Administration under the President’s Reorganization Plan of 1946. Arthur Altmeyer, who had been chairman of the Board of the SSB, became SSA’s first Commissioner

.SSA has definitely started a long timeline for Social Security which has had its ups and downs but has continued to benefit the lives of so many people, from disabled to young to old, all ages are able to use and received services from this valuable service…

So check out  and learn all that it has to offer US…



50 years ago… time flies….

I am just shy of a month away from my 50th birthday. So I decided to check out what was happening 50 years ago and found these cool websites. I didn’t know that zip codes were invented 50 years ago in 1962 I wonder what did they use before them. Hummm.
50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 years….. GOSH when did that happen!!! Celebrate Embrace it…… More to Come….



Zip Codes First Introduced  November, 28 196

U.S. Postmaster General J. Edward Day announced the “Zoning Improvement Plan” (Get it, Z.I.P) on November 28, 1962. The system was actually implemented on July 1, 1963.

Although originally intended only for the very largest postal customers,   the general public quickly became convinced (thanks in no small part to some heavy advertising) that their mail would be delivered more quickly if they used the zip codes.There was widespread usage, even before its use became mandatory.

Of course we all know in 1964 of a certain band that hit the streets so to speak The Beatles came to be on the ED Sullivan and the website  tell all about it. 

I also found those born 50 years ago  famous people like well Sandra Bullock, Michelle Obama, Glenn Beck, even Sarah Palin and Courtney Love all turn 50 this year and the website that tells you all that is  so I don’t think I look too bad for a month shy of 50:) I been told I look 40 due to my young genes.

So as I approach my half century mark gosh that sounds old but I do plan to live a ripe spunky life soo check out these sites because you would be surprise what happened 50 years ago….



Simba Isabelle One Month Later…..

Simba Isabelle One Month Later

Simba Isabelle is now been with us one month and in that month she has definitely become a member of our household… She truly is a force to be reckon with, a personality all her own but indeed a joy to have around for the most part. Remember The Humane Society has more like Simba both Cats and Dogs that need home desperately. So visit one today and save a life and give a Home….

Facebook… Best to keep your kids clear of the drama…. and BE SAFE.

I am not a Facebook fan for all you Facebook lovers I am sorry but its too much drama in my book. This social media so they call it should be called The Drama queen of them all. well its not one I like or would really find it necessary in my life. So many do this being everything from people to business to even well everywhere you can find the slogan “Find Us On Facebook” I know its suppose to keep everyone in touch and connect us so to speak but don’t we do that enough when text or whats wrong with picking up the phone?? My experences with Facebook well not been too good. Cheating husband, lies and people just telling and showing all their junk on there, they just as well put a full page ad in the newspaper like oh yeah just in case you don’t know here’s all my news and anything else! gosh Our church has a FB page which has helped others find us but otherwise I just think its a tell all drama place. Now my almost 14 year old has one No I didn’t want her to she did it on her own and then ending up with drama and losing some rights now my opinion its a pain in the butt with her so she will probadly lose at some point she likes the social of it and playing games but the drama I can do without. Parents be careful of your kids on there its not safe after all people can be anyone they want to be on there!! Not good so you have to keep a very careful watch check it more than normal and question anyone that doesn’t seem quite right. 15 yr olds could really easy be a 51 year old man!! Make sure its on a friends only deal and strict filtering because there is just too much out there to endanger their lives. I don’t want to take that chance you shouldn’t either…. BE SAFE….

How to handle Computer Crash Issues…. Help Please….


Its been a few days since I have been on due to my computer crashing, ugh  such a mess but most everything is working now. I say most becasue there are still some things that are still not doing correctly soo where does one go to get help on these unwanted issues. I have friends who are geniuses at this computer tech stuff so I go to them or I try the HELP on say my email at  where I am trying to get my email to work as before so when I am composing an email I can put in the address box a C and it will show me all my C email friends instead of typing the email address in everytime which is truly a pain. But so far not gettting the help I am seeking. You really have to work at even getting a question answered. Even on this blog web site it wasn’t easy getting my questions answered when I found out that I did not have any of my menu information to even post a blog. Well I got busy with other stuff and just now got on and WOW its all there so Thanks WordPress you came through after all. I really feel website should be better about their HELP SECTION I meant they are there to help no matter what the problem you are having is but somehow they make it more difficult and you end up feeling fustrated. I also wish they would do more step by step instructions that way you can follow the steps and your done. so I hope all you Website  Creators who read this and work toward making your followers life a little easier… by helping.

Good, Classic TV Shows… INSP and The Waltons….

Well we lost another awesome actor to death but he will live on for us in the shows he left behind. I am a huge fan of The Waltons  which some may see as old fashioned and hokey but I feel we need more shows like this one and actors like Ralph Waite who died Feb. 13 at the age of 85. He was John Walton Sr. on the show and the father of seven children along with his wife Olivia and his father and mother, all lived in the Virginia mountains and is the story of real life Earl Hamner. INSP brings this show and others to us every day, ones too like Dr Quinn Medicine Woman, Madlock, and Little House on the praire. All these shows gives us the feeling of family and its importance years ago and still should be today brings all that and more to our lives. A tribute was made to Ralph Waite tonight and we know his life will be continued on in all we were honored to him to bring us in television and in Life.. RIP Ralph Waite.